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Why can't I be found in search engines?

Ok, so you have a website and can't be found on the search engines, what's up with that?
The science of being found is called SEO (search engine optimisation) and it can be a frustration for many
website owner's.
There could be several things wrong, firstly check that your website has meta tags.
These days they are not as important as before but it doesn't hurt to have them in there as they are not completely deprecated. Google still uses the description to display in the search results.
Another thing to check is that your content is relevant to your page title.
Search engines will be checking for content on your page that is relevant to the page title.
This is because the search engines want you to find what you are looking for when you enter your search phrase.
Don't try and fool Google you just might get blacklisted.
It's best to use best practices and follow the guidelines and a few seo tools.
Create content. Information is the sticky content that will keep your customers coming back.
Other tips: Fill in your alt tags for links and images. Yes Google is looking for these.
Aim for long tailed keywords, they are usually less competitive and you'll have better conversion.
EG: If a customer types in Batman toys on the internet this tells us that the customer is still in research mode.
However if someone types in Batman Power Attack Combat Kick Bat-tank then that tells us that the customer has done their research and is now ready to buy.
SEO is no miracle cure. Well sure it helps but it's good to keep in mind that SEO is just one part of your tool kit.
You may require a PPC advertising campaign, some other marketing such as email marketing and content writing / articles.
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