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Are you responsive?

So you've heard a lot about responsive website's but what are they exactly?
A responsive website is simply a website that adjusts according to the screen size of the device you are using.
The importance of a responsive website is pretty important these days as a lot of people are accessing information
through smart phones and tablets unlike before.
Let's say you have a site and it's not responsive.
It will be hard to navigate through on a smart phone and you may irritate and lose customers.
On a smaller device the website should strip out all the 'extra fluff' and have the most important things on screen.
The navigation menu usually shows as an icon that can 'drop down' when clicked to select a category.
There are also click to call functions for phone numbers to make it easy to contact you.

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Responsive websites

A website is a reflection of your business.
We'll create a responsive website that looks great on
any desktop, tablet or hand-held device.

Do you need ease of control to manage your site?
A content management system may be what you need. We can get it all set up for you.

Are you a start up business?
Grow your business with a web presence and attract more customers. We have a budget friendly solution's.